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Reseller and Distributor opportunities for market leading people, team and organization development solutions

Grow your business and network with Ensize International and the EDOC system. The EDOC system provides a unique platform for delivering world class tools and assessments for developing people, team and organizations. To continue to meet the increasing expectations on modern systems, tools and assessments at an affordable price, Ensize International is looking for potential Reseller and Distributor Partners to join our International Partner Network in several regions. Our Network Partners are all authorized resellers and distributors who provide certification as well as sell our EDOC system and toolbox.

Join the Paradigm shift – Ensize your world!

The complete range of tools and assessment in the EDOC system are the result of client feedback, research and highly skilled development. Ensize works in close co-operation with psychologists, behavioral scientists and business developers with many years’ experience in the field of change and development, so you can trust and rely on our tools and assessments. Wherever EDOC is used, the results are clear and leaves a real and lasting impact on people and businesses. The EDOC toolbox related workshop and facilitation materials can be used stand alone or as a part of a larger program or academy to better improve interpersonal relations. Realize your full potential with your clients’ and address a wide range of opportunities, including:


  • Improve/develop leadership
  • Increase sales
  • Develop individuals
  • Improve collaboration between different departments
  • Improve/develop collaboration within a team
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in a team
  • Make the recruitment process easier and more effective


Why become an Ensize International Partner?


  • We are the most innovative developer of tools and assessment for people, team and organization development with over 20 years of experience  
  • Our products and services are used worldwide, in hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies
  • We are probably the most compelling, costeffective and complete solution in the world 
  • With assessments in 35+ languages and reports in 11, you can offer globally viable solutions
  • Our solutions are 100% cloud based and only distributed online, ensuring delivery efficiency and easy to use customer management
  • We are not part of any large, publically listed global company with costly organizations
  • Comprehensive education and training as well as support is provided directly by Ensize International to ensure that you are fully up to speed to represent Ensize in your market
  • We invest in research and development in order to continue to provide high quality market leading solutions – ultimately giving our International Partners Network a cutting edge opportunity in the marketplace

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