Ensize - Leading the way...

Ensize International delivers a world class platform with comprehensive and effective tools for the development of individuals, teams and organisations to drive business to success.

Ensize is a leading international assessment company. We offer our clients the possibility to purchase single assessments and packages. Our platform, Ensize Dynamic Online Center - EDOC, delivers a flexible and easy to use system for managing large numbers of assessments, studies and surveys. The EDOC system offers each user a personal login and access to a wide range of market leading tools and assessments.

Our customers include training consultants, certified coaches and HR specialists who work with sales training, leadership, skills development and recruitment, as well as companies that manage their own employee development and recruitment activities.

Our Vision
We make it possible for companies and organisations, both small and large, to increase their profitability by developing the organisation and the people in it to realise their full potential.


Our Mission
To provide a broad range of easy to use, reliable and flexible tools with good quality at the best price on the market.


Our Objective
To provide our clients with an easy accessible cloud based system with assessments and tools to generate high quality feedback.